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About Us

About AMY

AMY stands for “Amazing Memorable Years.” We believe that your best years are NOW, not someday.

Our Mission:

AMY helps people keep feeling excited and inspired.

Our Vision:

To inspire 100,000 lives by 2022

Our Core Values:

At AMY we believe that everyone matters and is equal. We affiliate ourselves with suppliers, organizations and other amazing businesses that align with who we are. Those companies reflect our values, integrity, and adhere to the highest safety standards. We feel that it is very important that all organizations are responsible for their imprint on our earth. That is why we want to ensure that our products that we put out into the market have a healthy life cycle to them. We partner with local nonprofits, donating a portion of our proceeds to help those organizations do their good work. We also donate end-of-term furniture to in-need families in your community to help them make a fresh start.

Founder's Story

Hi, I'm Sam! I had the simple idea for AMY when I asked myself a simple question: "Why do we have to wait years to save up enough to get furniture that makes us excited and inspired in our home? Why can't we have it now?"

I saw this happen time and time again to wonderful people who just wanted to feel comfortable in their own home. They had to settle for less, when they deserved more.

So, I decided to use my decade's worth of experience and contacts in the furniture industry to create AMY! I feel that your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. So, I'm on a mission to help the next generation of furniture buyers love their home in a sustainable way and not go through the pain of having to save for years just to get a couch they can snuggle on to watch a show, relax after a long day of work or just day-dream on a rainy day... I hope AMY will excite and inspire you to enjoy your home!

- Samantha Simonton, AMY Lifestyles Inc. -
We love it.

"Very happy with the quality and style of my living room furniture. We love it. Also very easy delivery process, communicating with us directly and working around our availability. HIGHLY recommend"

- Sara M. -